We recently created our own staffing agency in partnership with local B Corporation Give Something Back. To ensure our young adult trainees continue to get the support they need after graduating from our programs, we work with local businesses to place our graduates in subsidized positions where they can continue their real-world work training for 3-6 months. Businesses benefit by being connected to a highly motivated labor force whose wages are subsidized, and our trainees polish their skills through at work training and supervision. YEP graduates also get a chance to make themselves irreplaceable and continue in employment as unsubsidized workers.

YEP considers this to be a triple win, with subsidized employment leading to significant increases in employment and earnings, businesses increasing their hiring with workers who have barriers to employment, and both employers and trainees reporting multiple benefits from this program. YEP furthers our mission of helping our trainees get on the path out of poverty, businesses connect and support their local communities, and new workers have a chance to succeed and maintain full-time, family-sustaining employment.

If you are a local business interested in this program, please contact YEP.