Our Programs


YEP’s programs are characterized by a commitment to quality and the achievement of meaningful outcomes. We believe in making a lasting difference for the young people we serve.
Our programs include:
After-School and Summer Jobs for School-Age Youth
Research shows that part-time employment offers multiple benefits for at-risk young people. It keeps them off the streets and out of danger. It exposes them to new role models and mentors. It teaches them essential life skills. It also helps youth envision a positive future for themselves. 
However, YEP does much more than simply place school-age youth in jobs. We provide leadership, communication, financial literacy, and conflict resolution training. We offer comprehensive support services to help youth keep on a positive path. And we utilize paid employment as a powerful incentive for youth to stay in school and improve their academic performance.
Job Training for Young Adults
YEP provides a range of job training opportunities for young people ages 18 to 24. These programs integrate leadership development, comprehensive support services, educational programming, and college enrollment with on-the-job vocational training. Our goal is to transform the lives of at-risk young adults so they can gain living wage employment, go to college, and become positive forces in their communities.
The Training Grounds
YEP operates two cafes at the Oakland International Airport where young people learn customer service skills and the principles of operating a successful social enterprise.
Building Futures
YEP trains young people in construction while they engage in projects that directly benefit the community. To date, hundreds of YEP trainees have rehabilitated more than 50 homes for low-income families. They have also rehabilitated several public facilities, including YEP’s own building in the San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland. YEP was one of the first organizations in the nation to integrate eco-friendly practices into our construction training.
Currently, YEP trainees are rehabilitating foreclosed homes in East Oakland to be sold into the Oakland Community Land Trust. These homes will be preserved in perpetuity as affordable housing for low-income residents. This program is part of a larger initiative, led by the California Endowment, to revitalize East Oakland.
Supplemental Education, GED Instruction and College Access
A person without a high school diploma makes 37 cents for every dollar earned by a high school graduate, and the average household wealth of a high school dropout is almost 100 times less than that of someone with a college degree. This means that effective employment training must support young people’s education success.
YEP has designed vocational training programs that integrate basic educational skills. For young adults, we operate an onsite GED program that all trainees without a H.S. diploma are required participate in. Trainees are also supported to enroll in college to further their educational and employment skills.