YEP offers job readiness training and summer-long employment to low-income youth in Oakland. Our pre-employment training includes financial literacy, communication and conflict management skills, as well as comprehensive support services to address additional needs. Our employment case managers work closely with our youth, helping them develop a resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills before placing them in 1 of over 100 quality employer partner sites throughout the community. We work closely with the job’s worksite supervisors to provide feedback and guidance, ensuring a meaningful and productive work experience.

Working for the summer keeps our youth meaningfully engaged, off the streets and out of danger. It also exposes them to new role models and mentors who will invite them to re-imagine their future.

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After-School Jobs

For youth who need more support in education and life, YEP also provides after-school job training and employment opportunities for Oakland teens. Each youth is matched with a YEP case manager, who is their primary support throughout the program. In addition to job readiness training and job placement at one of our partner employers, we also include ongoing professional development workshops such as career and college exploration, money management, navigating workplace boundaries, and many more.

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Team Oakland

Since 1993, YEP has recruited, trained, and provided summer traineeships to over 2,600 Oakland youth in often first-time jobs to clean and green the City through the Team Oakland program, administered by Oakland Public Works (OPW). Every summer, Oakland teens and young adults gain practical job training experience and engage with their community and environment through participation in City cleanups, park maintenance, habitat restoration, community outreach, and trainings on work skills, life skills and environmental topics.

If you’re interested in applying for Team Oakland, please fill out our online application.