We believe that young people must have opportunities to continually learn through diverse career exposure and to invest significantly in their own education if they are to attain a self-sufficient adulthood. We work with youth and young adults by incentivizing and reinforcing attitudes and behaviors essential for work and life.

We require all of our youth and young adults who are enrolled in our job training programs and our internship programs to simultaneously be working towards their next educational goal, whether by taking GED classes at our training headquarters, a licensing program in their chosen field, community college courses, or pursuing their undergraduate degree.

We know that hands-on job training in a living classroom gives youth and young adults a place to practice and further develop their skills and capabilities while working towards outcomes they can see. Plus, youth and young adults earn a much-needed paycheck, reinforcing the value of their work, and incentivizing them to stay in school to stay in the program.

We maintain a low-overhead structure and retain an agile, experienced staff to allow us to nimbly respond to current business needs with our trainings. We are constantly assessing the economic environment for new career paths and bundled skills we can impart through our training programs to both meet the needs of businesses we work with, and to improve the outcomes for the clients we serve.

We are a data-driven organization and we impose rigorous performance management and impact evaluation for all of our programs. Several of our grants pay us only for meeting our performance goals, and we continually work to exceed expectations, inspiring our youth and young adults to do the same.