Young Adult Transitional Jobs

One of the most successful workforce development organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, YEP provides robust, proven job training opportunities for young people ages 18 to 24. This program not only gets our participants work, but integrates leadership development, comprehensive support services, educational programming, and college enrollment with on-the-job vocational training. It’s the support necessary to overcome barriers, regain confidence, and broaden horizons. Job placement is important, but the chance at long-term success is what matters. Our goal is to transform the lives of young adults so they can gain living wage employment, go to college, find opportunities for growth, and become positive forces in their communities.

Our young adult jobs program offers pathways in construction, culinary arts, warehousing & logistics, and healthcare. Our construction program not only includes classes in our on-site workshop, but real-world projects like the renovation of our new three-story, 30-unit housing dormitory or ground-up construction of affordable single-family homes in the community. The culinary arts program operates out of YEP’s in-house commercial kitchen and provides the necessary certifications for a career path in Oakland’s growing culinary scene. The warehousing & logistics program offers forklift certification and industry-recognized logistics accreditation at our on-site warehouse. And with the help of our community partners, our forthcoming healthcare program will be YEP’s foray into the East Bay’s fastest-growing industry.

Supplemental Education, High School Diploma and College Access

A person without a high school diploma makes 37 cents for every dollar earned by a high school graduate, and the average household wealth of a high school dropout is almost 100 times less than that of someone with a college degree. Effective employment training must include a path to educational success, but many young adults are hindered by negative classroom experiences, unaddressed learning challenges, and the difficulty of resuming their education without enough support.

YEP has designed vocational training programs that build in basic educational skills for those who’ve struggled in typical school environments. Our onsite high school diploma program, operated in collaboration with Alameda County Office of Education, is a helping hand for all young adult trainees who haven’t yet graduated. Trainees can recover high school credits while they also build on-the-job skills relevant to their education, with the structure and motivation necessary to get back on track. Trainees are also given the counseling and tutoring support necessary to complete their diploma and enroll in college, furthering their educational and employment potential.